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Update: 04/07/05

Hail everybody, it's failsafeman again.  This time around we've got eleven new members:
foreverburningflames LeerMond mehssivetek MorbidDestiny PandoraGloom satanic-mistress seraphic-deviltry TheNumberOfTheBeast tlz YourPossiblePasts Yova
So feel free to drop by their pages and give them a warm welcome.

Also, we've affiliated with three new groups, which some of you might want to check out:
:iconclassicrock: :iconcob-hatecrew: :iconnwosdm:


Anyway, on to the more interesting stuff.  As some of you may or may not have noticed, this group is on the dead side.  Oh, it's still twitching, but some drastic measures are going to have to be taken to get shit going again.  Anyone can see the member list is gigantic (and still growing), so SOME of you out there ought to be interested in participating.  First off, I'm going to start cleaning out the members list.  I will be sending notes to each and every one of you to see if you are still interested, and if so you will be required to respond to that note within two months of receiving it, or else you will be removed from the group.  Don't worry if you miss the note or something, as you can always re-apply for membership.

Over April I will be sending notes to everyone whose username begins with the letter A, B, or C, as well as anyone whose username begins with a symbol.  Anyone who is currently banned will be removed from the members list immediately, but if they are every unbanned they are welcome to re-apply for membership.

Any member who receives a note with "Still Interested in Metalheads?" in the title needs to respond to it within two months if they wish to remain a member of the group.  Anyone who does not respond within the alotted time will be removed from the members list, but is welcome to re-apply for membership at any time.


As for future plans, I'll be starting up a contest for a new ID soon, the winner of which will, you guessed it, have their piece featured as the group's new ID.  Also, I'm going to start writing a little column thingie along with each update.  I'll tell you about a great album that is greatly overlooked, or perhaps where to find some great deals on metal on the internet.  Or maybe I'll just blather on about nothing in particular.  In any case, it'll be boring, and you probably won't read it.


Some people have expressed a dislike for our new avatar, and to them I say: do something about it!  I personally have no problem with our current avatar, and no, I'm not even a Satanist.  But if someone were to create an even better avatar, then I'd be more than happy to make the change.  Of course, all final calls on this will be made by yours truly, so if you don't like my decision, you can go pay a visit to Lucifer's Blasphemous Phallus.  


Forum up! Please visit and use your deviantArt name :evillaugh: <-- GO!!!


Ok, if you want to join this group then please send a note to us with only the word "Join" in the subject line.  That will help us sort through the many, many notes this group recieves much more quickly.  


Then list 5 true metal bands that you like.  This is a sort of "test" to see if you're a true metalhead.  Any genre of true metal is fine.  NO NU-METAL!  If I see a note with Slipknot or KoRn listed, I'll delete it without reading the rest.  If you're not sure if a band is true metal or not, check this site: They have pretty much every true metal band there is listed.  It's not that hard, folks.  Just follow the joining guidelines, and you're in.  It's that simple.

Note:  If you are accepted, you will be notified.  If not, then I'm not wasting my time replying to you.

Thanks for your time!
Note that we are often swamped with messages, so be patient!

Your Admins

:iconthedreamghost:  :icondittohead:  :iconmrsnightwish: :iconfailsafeman:

Also if you are a member and you play in a metal band then please send us a note with a link of the website, and we will post it on the page.


:headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:


Members, in Alphabetical Order

-f-e-a-r-Sylph-Art aapaborted aedynescence agonistes666 aisslinn albexx78 alcoholocaust aldhissla AlexDP alfmann alpha571 Anahita Anarkissed AndyLaRoque angelusofdeath andsoitburns antichrist01 antichrist666 aratak archaon arcticpaw arioch84 artofagony aureal Aya-M3T4L ballaiB Baz619 beauty-disfigured BIGOTE Black-Rose-Immortal blackbands blackseed blindsamurai bloodcanbepretty Bloodshed32 bloodylady bloodyrazor bloodyslash boondockphotographer bootaaay bradshaw Brainforge bravenewworld danielzklein c0ncept666 ca0sw0nd3rland Cal-B calicokatt Cataclysm-X Ceedaine chaoshades chiisu child-of-the-grave Cogito-Ergo-Doleo cooan-chan coreorange CorpusVermis cosmo108 countessbathory csapdani d d0ma daemondrakken DaMeToD danson DanyMetal666 darkblackcrow SigrunHectorsdottir darkmercy darkmetalhead darkpoil DeadBride deadlygrace Deafening-Silence dealer-danny death89 DeathovMaiden deathlikesilence decline delira Demonastery Depereo deppe Destructionist deth2seesuns devastated AshlieNelson DevilizeR deviousmistressx DevouredByVermin DianaMetal doubleiris Dragor666Shadex driveltzimisce DudemanWOW dyingbreed eb-razer Edwardus eisregen ekg Elixir-For-Existence Elmo88 emulated-human ente esquizofrenico eve-chan EvenAngelsFalter Everything-Dies evilarcana EvilXSpYkE failsafeman fakezombie farbeyond37 fasth fauna faustgurl fenriz FireballHell firlondion ForbiddenEvil foreverburningflames fourletterlie fraxxxi freezingmoon frohika fromdmouth fullfilth gabrielbelmont GarradAM gasmask geschmack GeVaUdAN gnomage godpuppet gonken goregore gothian gothmind GraphikJunkie grayskies greenleaf-elfy grimmevil grimsatyr grumpygurl311 grungepuppy guaya Hammerheart Hao-kun Harold3k haterofworlds headbanger1369 heathenlord hellb0und helvete Heretica hesh-one holleengel HollOw- HotaruThodt HybridDemon22 ibjill idiotsavant illegalmonkey illusionsx NamtaruCreations imyselftheking incognitype indenial Inebriantia infernaleric InfernalWinter infernosilver insinity invert01 itchymoto iwantyourbrains13 ixtab J-Melkor jaganar jaysin JoakimT jonasfx karth katerz1313 khandura kinderschar Kirksgal kishin kitsune-youko knightblazer knoxundead kocot kpitaokverna la-dee-da Sperpy Lady-Magenta Le-Cercueil-du-Felin LeerMond LeyalaShysm Lhyrr Lilith-Malfoy Lilithdarkangel liopo logan-howlett lord-libith lorddan LordOfSenses Lucibel lukiee lurver Lustbel lwl m3lancholytron MabtheEvil Mad--Alice mathos meaculpa mehssivetek merce5 metal-levon MetaliqueAngel Metalluz MetalMessenger Millue misere667 MistaBobby monamenitos monochroma Moonsorrow morbidangel MorbidDestiny morfea morfeu morningrise MrsNightwish mustang-chase myGOD myfairytale Myschala MysticLuna narcosynthesis necrophagous necrosadist nellis-eketorp NeMeNeSsA neoHades nephren-ka nerral nishma nitemaregargoyle Nodtveidt Nokturnum nukedukem number-of-the-beast oceanborn AsliBayrak oICEMANo onemoreheretic orphank osirianbloom PaganBlood PandoraGloom phobic peeping-doom perfectlittledream perkan picci pinica pinky-pseudonym poetry-of-hate Poisoned-Heart portwolf :devposieodonsimons: post-it profoundIntimacy pyrokat Queued r-f rafael666 rasnaig residesinflames resurrectionwar RHK riceanvampire robert-the-dammed RoboticGentelman rogga RoseOfSharyn Ryan2006 Sandblasted-Skin satanic-mistress satirick Satyricon- Sea-Of-Emotions Seelenschmerz sellingSARS senate9 seraphic-deviltry westudios Set666 Severed799 Shadow-Seraph shadowbringer SingSilence skaven-guitarist skitzopath slayers-raynna sleepingugly smashingblue sorce sorpresa SoulSeth MidnightExigent Spirit-Crusher Sprale srha Stellam Stegoroth Stitch-Doktor stonedgothlady Talita tanyonline taziekins Teshu Thorstein7 thaurendim thedreamghost TheGuild TheManWhoDidIt TheNumberOfTheBeast thurisaz tlz andreasleonidou tomegatherion Tourmentedsouls TragiclyDying trendwhore9d Tridelvior TrishThePunkAss twistddoll ulfedhnarr unattached underspell unkonshus-heart UnreaLTormenT v3rtigo vampsss vargsriket vi0lencefetishdoll Warmaster wakeupded warpedandlost Winehorse wishmaster20 AlexandraVBach Wohmatak wordoflorgar X--MeLYssa--X x-horizon xephyr-prophet xhatexmexlaterx xiaomeimei XIIBrendovierIIX xjordisonsgothx xthoroth xxBloodyxWristxx xxwretchedacidxx YourPossiblePasts yourstalker Yova yuenqi Zabzag Zamilak zeromancer zippermouth Zurechial

Thanks a million to RHK for the grisly new avatar! :thumbsup:


:iconarch-enemy-fans: :iconbathoryhorde: :iconblack-metal: :iconblasphemousdeicide: :iconcannibal-corpse: :iconchuck-schuldiner: :iconclassicrock: :iconcob-hatecrew: :icondarkmusic: :icondeath-metal: :icondeviant-troopers: :icondtfans: :iconguitarmads: :iconiced-earth-fans: :iconinflames-fans: :iconironmaidenfans: :iconmetalliclub: :iconnightwishlovers: :iconnwosdm: :iconpedaleiradupla: :iconphil-anselmo-fans: :iconsonata-arctica-fans: :iconuptheirons:

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